PC Owners Swarm To Do This Today…

Is your PC running slow or unprotected?

Thousands of PC users across the U.S are swarming to claim a system that has gone viral in the last 24 hours. This new system is protecting people’s computers from hackers, unwanted software, instantly speeding up performance and saving people thousands in repair costs.

By Sarah Hansworth, Web Life Advice – Technician Sarah Hansworth investigates a free scan that has just gone viral in the U.S.

If you live in the U.S and have a Windows computer that is older than 6 months old, not running how you would like it or want to increase your security then this may be the most important article you ever read.

Thousands of people across the U.S are rushing to get their hands on the latest system that is instantly protecting PC users after fears rise for the security of our internet.

Experts are now calling it; “A Game Changer for internet users.”

An elite team of Certified Developers have built a security tool that they believe will be the last piece of software consumers will ever need.

The software uses a unique algorithm to instantly increase the security whilst speeding up your system. First, it identifies flaws on your network and any hidden threats on your device. Then it locates redundant files and cached memory, removing the hidden files that make your PC run slow.

The software isn’t an alternative for your Antivirus, but an additional layer of security that is more advanced than any Antivirus product out there. Anyone can use it, and it takes 5 minutes to setup.

Creative Director, Christian Garcia, from ScanGuard, explains; “Our main objective for creating the application was simple. Over the past few months malware has been on the rise, and most Antivirus products have been struggling to keep up. We wanted to build a software that gave consumers an additional layer of protection, at the same time help speed up their devices. With the right care Windows computers can last for years.”

He continues, “People already love the system. Our plan is to give as many licenses away for free so that it goes viral. We feel good knowing that we're helping make things faster and more secure for our customers.”

Sound too good to be true? One user we spoke to said, “I was attacked by a harmful Trojan just a few days which managed to hack my bank account. When I phoned the bank, they suggested I download Scanguard as their partner security application. Once I downloaded it, it instantly removed the harmful Trojan from my PC and also helped speed it up.”

How Do I Claim This Free Scan?

If you own a Windows Computer then you are eligible for a free security scan. Scanguard™ are offering the scan free until 24th November 2017.

Download Your Free Copy of Scanguard™ Here

To maintain peak performance and keep your computer secure, schedule the scan to run every 7 days. It roughly takes 10 minutes to fully analyse your system.

Once you have downloaded the software they will give you licenses for all of your devices, including your Office & Home PC, Smartphone & even Tablet.

  • Robert Reeser | less than a minute ago
    This is crazy!! I'm telling everyone I know!!
  • Ellie Tate | 6 minutes ago
    I literally never thought about getting virus protection for my phone, to get it this cheap is insane
  • Dale Berkeley | 23 minutes ago
    This is great, all the techy people I know are using a service like Scanguard. Love the android app you get with it.
  • Xiao Lin | 1 hour ago
    Is this serious
  • Sara Ashley | 51 minutes ago
    @Xiao Yep - Been using a Scanguard for a few weeks now, i would never have a phone without it, it gives me peace of mind which is the best thing!!!
  • Thomas Jenkins | 3 hours ago
    I always wondered about security when I use online banking on my phone, so i just signed up for this, thanks for the advice was super easy and i now feel safe.
  • Russell Khazri | 5 hours ago
    So good to know I'm protected from hackers now, it seems like every day someone I know has their phone infected and their details stolen and it literally ruins their life.
  • Dean L. | 5 hours ago
    Finally someone is raising awareness for this, I work for a cyber security company and I tell anybody who will listen about the dangers of using a phone without protection from malware. Do you not watch the news? People wont believe me unless they see their own samsung or HTC or whatever turned into a useless brick
  • Jordan Nester | 6 hours ago
    Surely this isn't real?
  • Pritya Canelo | 4 hours ago
    @Jordan I heard about these services '09, been totally safe for me ever since...
  • Floyd Middleton | 3 hours ago
    @Pritya Really? I have got to check this out
  • Cara Blanford | Yesterday
    This article is stupid, if you don't know about this you are a complete moron